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Vitamin For Children diet

Vitamin For Children diet

The child needs to be healthy and fit, so include these things rich in vitamin in the diet.

Like elders, it is very important for young children to do physical activities. Therefore, they should be sent to play outdoor games, so that they remain physically fit and active. However, in today’s time, most of the children spend at home watching TV or playing the phone.

Therefore, they are very less physically active, due to which children of younger age are also becoming obese. Apart from this, children remain inactive for many other reasons.

Children need more nutrition. Therefore, to make them active and healthy, you should include some foods in their diet. Include foods rich in vit B6, vit C, vit E and vit D in your children’s diet.

Vitamin For Children

Vitamins in the diet

Vitamin B6

Vit B6 helps in making immune cells in the body. Lack of vit B6 causes laziness in the body. Therefore, include foods rich in vit B6 in your child’s diet, so that your child remains fit and fit. For this, you can include banana, sea food and fish in the child’s diet.

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Vitamin C

Vit C helps to increase the immunity of the body, so that your child does not get sick again and remains active. Therefore, include fruits and other foods rich in vit C in the child’s diet. For this, you can add citrus fruits like orange, amla, etc. in the child’s food.

Vitamin E

Vit E and antioxidants protect the body from toxins. Therefore, the diet of children must include foods rich in vit E and antioxidants. Vit E is found in plenty in avocado, almonds, sunflower seeds etc.

Vitamin D

Vit D is needed to strengthen children’s bones, because vit D helps to absorb calcium. Deficiency of Vit D can cause the child to feel tired and lethargic in the body, due to which development is hindered. Therefore, include a diet rich in vit D such as dairy products, eggs and fish etc. in the child’s diet.

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