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Vitamin D | Vitamin D Deficiency In Children

These 10 symptoms are seen when there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in children, learn from the doctor how to increase the level of Vitamin-D. Due to the lack of vitamin-D in children, they are at risk of many serious diseases, know the symptoms and prevention of vitamin D deficiency in children.

Vitamin D: Children’s lifestyle and Diet

Children’s lifestyle and diet have a direct impact on their health. Many times, due to lack of proper nutrition of children, there is a deficiency of many types of nutrients in their body, due to which many types of diseases start to arise in their body.

For the good health of children, it is necessary to have sufficient amount of vitamin D in their body. Vitamin-D deficiency in children can cause many diseases and it also affects the immunity of their body. Since birth, it is considered very important for the body of children to have a certain amount of vitamins. In the olden times, during the massage of children, they were kept in the sun, so that their body could absorb vitamin-D from the sun’s rays.

But in today’s time, due to lifestyle reasons and lack of adequate nutrition, there is a deficiency of vitamin-D in the body of children. Let us know about the symptoms seen in the body of children due to deficiency of Vitamin-D and the measures to prevent it.

Vitamin D Deficiency In Kids

Vitamin D deficiency in children can be due to poor nutrition and lifestyle related reasons. The level of vitamin-D in the body is medically called serum 25-hydroxy vitamin-D and calcidiol. If the level of vitamin-D in the blood present in the body of children falls below 20 nanograms per milliliter i.e. 50 nanomoles per liter, then it is called vitamin-D deficiency. Due to this, the bones of children start weakening and the risk of many other diseases increases.

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Vitamin D deficiency in children is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly. Due to this, the development of children is affected and due to this there is also a risk of serious diseases like anemia in children. 

Main reasons for the deficiency of vitamin D in children.

1). Inadequate amount of vitamin-D in children’s diet.

2). Children’s exposure to sunlight is less or none at all.

3). Inability to convert vitamin-D in the body due to problems present in the liver and kidneys.

4). Problem absorbing vitamin-D from food.

5). Due to the use of certain drugs.

6). Due to internal problems or diseases of the body.

Symptoms when Deficiency of Vitamin D in Children

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In Kids
Many symptoms appear in children when there is a deficiency of vitamin-D in their body. But vitamin-D deficiency can cause different symptoms in each child. Let us know about the symptoms seen when there is a deficiency of vitamin-D in children.

1). Weakening of bones of children.

2). Symptoms of muscle weakness.

3). The baby’s head is very tender.

4). The child’s weight does not increase and the growth of the body stops.

5). Decreased bone density.

6). Having pain in the body and problems related to bones.

7). Crooked fingers.

8). Difficulty in walking and sitting of children.

9). The problem of anemia.

10). Recurrent pneumonia.

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How To Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency In Children

Vitamin D deficiency in the body of children also causes many diseases. Due to this, their brain is also affected and many problems like anemia, rickets and dislocation in bones also occur. If there is a severe deficiency of vitamin-D in children, the advice of a doctor must be taken and it should be treated according to the doctor’s advice. But if you get it treated by looking at the symptoms in the beginning, then you can take care of these things to meet the deficiency of vitamin-D in children’s body.

Home Remedies for Deficiency of Vitamin D in Children

1). Make children sit in enough sunlight, let them stay in the sun for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

2). Consume 1 glass of cow’s milk daily so that their body is supplied with sufficient amount of vitamin-D.

3). Eat foods rich in vitamin-D like bread, soy milk, fish oil, cheese, mushrooms, milk, curd etc.

4). The deficiency of vitamin-D in children, they can be given vitamin D supplements. 

5). There are various types of vitamin-D tablets and other things available for children, which can be used to fulfill the deficiency of vitamin D in their body. But they should not be consumed without doctor’s advice.

6). Vitamin D deficiency in the body can be avoided by staying in the sun and consuming vitamin D through adequate diet.

7). Vitamin D deficiency in children should not be taken lightly. Due to this, the development of their body is affected, as well as due to this they can get many serious diseases which can become a big threat later. 

8). To prevent vitamin D deficiency in young children, they should be regularly massaged in the sun.

9). You should also keep in mind that do not give vitamin D supplements to the child in excess. Excess of vitamin D in the body can cause many problems.

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