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Urination problem in Children :- Pollakiuria

Frequent Urination problem in Children :- Pollakiuria

Do not ignore the frequent urination problem in children, may be a sign of pollakiuria disease.

If frequently urination problem in children during the day, do not ignore it. These are signs of illness.

Young children bed wet at night, assuming all this is normal, but children who urinate frequently (frequent daytime urination) even during the day are a sign of some disease.

This urination problem in children is very common between 3 and 5 years old. But sometimes it is seen even in people older than this.

Frequent urination problem in children may be due to a disease called pollakiuria. In this, the child gets more urine than usual and very little. 

Many times the situation becomes such that this urine is not managed by the children. By the time they run towards the bathroom, the urine in their clothes comes out.

What is pollakiuria, what are its symptoms, causes and remedies?


Symptoms of pollakiuria

The child goes to urinate every half an hour. Sometimes, one has to go for 40 times a day. Little pee every time you go to urinate.

Due to pollakiuria

There can be no concrete reason for what are the causes of pollakiuria, but some reasons seem to the experts, which are being told here.

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Fear of sudden change in circumstances

  • Child’s fear of going to school for the first time.
  • Child molestation.
  • Moving to a new place.
  • The arrival of a new baby in the house.
  • Fear in the mind of a child due to differences between parents
    Chemical changes in the body.
  • Eat more salt by the child.
  • Due to anxiety disorder.
  • Increased calcium intake in urine
    Thinking about frequent urination
    Taking too much milk or caffeine also causes problems.
  • This disease also occurs due to the bladder being more active.
  • The reasons mentioned above may be possible reasons, but these are the reasons why the opinion of experts is unclear.

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How to know if your child has pollakiuria?

  • Your child does not feel any pain while urinating.
  • Is your child’s urine color thick and smelly?
  • The child does not urinate in clothes?
  • Your child has not lost too much weight soon
  • Note whether the child is drinking more fluids than before. That is, the child feels more thirsty.
urination problem in children

What is the solution of urination problem in children

  1. The child may have to feel publicly embarrassed because of pollaki uria. Due to frequent urination, he may feel ashamed among friends.
  2. When doctors see this disease, they first test urine and then do blood test. They take the entire history of the child.
  3. They try to know for what reasons this problem is happening in the child. Medicines are given to the child in case of difficulty. But here are some remedies that parents can adopt at home.
  4. Parents should teach the child that it is not good to go to the bathroom again and again. Put the child busy in the parents’ favorite cartoons.
  5. Get counseling or therapy for the child. Parents tell the child that they have not suffered any major illness.
  6. This will bring mental pressure out of their mind. Frequent urination problems in children are very common.
  7. But if they are going to urinate more often than usual in the day instead of night, then these are signs of pollakiuria. Therefore, the family should focus on the child.

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