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6 Tips for Treating Common Cold in Children

Common Cold in Children

Tips for Treating Kids with a Cold or Flu: Simple tips to protect children from cold. Taking care of children is an important task during the winter season. Even after explaining lakhs to the children, they go out in the cold air in carelessness, sometimes without a sweater, sometimes without putting on a hat. Sometimes, the period of cold winds goes on in such a way that children feel cold. 

Common cold in children: But inside our kitchen, there are many such recipes of grandmothers, which have the magical power to drive away such cold or cold. Today we will tell you about such home remedies for treatment of common cold in children.

Home Remedies For Common Cold in Children


1). Hot Turmeric Milk

common cold in children

Common cold in children: This recipe is quite old, but has been tried and tested over the years. Even today this recipe is very effective. Turmeric has anti viral and anti bacterial properties. When mixed with hot milk, this milk has a wonderful effect on getting cold and the cold becomes cold.

2). Date milk

Boil the dates in the milk until the milk is reduced to half. Now give this milk to the child to drink. will have a miraculous effect on winter

3). Massage of mustard oil with garlic

common cold in children

Heat mustard oil and filter it by adding garlic, cloves and carom seeds. Now massage this lukewarm oil by applying it on the chest and back of the child. The child will get relief.

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4).Honey and dry ginger

common cold in children

Mixing a pinch of dry ginger powder in honey and licking the child provides relief in conditions like sore throat and cough.

5). Decoction (Khada)

common cold in children

If the child is a little older and can drink the decoction (Khada), then there is no better solution than this. Boil ground ginger, cloves, basil leaves, cinnamon in water till the water reduces to half. Now give this decoction (Khada) to the child.

6). Ginger and lemon juice and honey

common cold in children

Licking these three together will give relief in cough to the child. If it is given with hot water, it will also bring warmth in the body.

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