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How to increase body Immunity

What is Immunity

Immunity is the action inside of our body which resist our body by different types of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

Function of Immunity

The main function of immunity is remove all the things enter from outside our body. The immunity is the raw material in our body at time of birth. Some microorganisms enter from outside the body then immunity is develop and elaborate in our body. At the starting our body immunity remove all the things enter from outside our body, then gradually our body receive all the products such as food, water and air. But all the bacteria and virus enter in body with the food, water and air and according to nature they damage our body parts. When any bacteria and virus enter in our body then our body immune system produced antibodies. These antibodies fight with bacteria and virus and clean up, otherwise these bacteria and virus are very dangerous for our body. At the time of entering of bacteria and virus in our body, the immune system of our body is very strong.

Mainly there are four type of immunity

  1. Natural Immunity
  2. Passive Immunity
  3. Active Immunity
  4. Herd Immunity

Natural Immunity

This immunity in our body is naturally they develop in our body by the fighting with the different types of bacteria and virus.

Passive Immunity

This immunity is the temporary type of immunity. In this process antibodies are removed from another previously infected body and transported to the body of the sick person. These borrowed antibodies function for some time and then become inactive, as all cells except the brain cell survive for a predetermined time. The best example of this is – plasma therapy, which is being discussed a lot nowadays.

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Active Immunity

It is a type of permanent immunity, but it is developed in the body artificially. In the process, any healthy person who has to be protected from the bacteria or virus controlled the same bacteria/virus in a certain amount of healthy body. Is inserted in immunity enters action as soon as the bacteria/virus enters and destroys the bacteria / virus delivered artificially by creating antibodies. In this way, the immune system acquires knowledge of antibodies to fight against bacteria /viruses and immunity protects the body when needed. An example is – vaccine.

Herd Immunity

It is also a type of permanent immunity, but the method of developing it is different. In this process, all individuals are advised to live a normal way of life. When any bacteria/virus attacks on any person, then the people living around them also get infected. In infected people, whose immune system will be strong, they may not show any signs of infection, but whose immune system is week. That is, they will start experiencing various types of symptoms. As a result, they will need treatment. At the end of existing treatment get infected person carries the signs waiting to be given medications to control and eliminate the bacteria / virus by antibodies by their immune system. Out of this, whose immunity wins, they become healthy. Infected people who do not have symptoms will continue to spread the infection to people and all will become infected with time. Those who have strong immune system in infected person will survive. Examples of this type of immunity are found in influenza, tuberculosis (TB), etc.

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Most people in the world believe that the immune system of people living in developed and western countries is more strong but this is not true. Residents of Asian origin and especially among them citizens of Indian origin have far more immune system power, as people here have more exposure to developing immunity than people living in developed and western countries. But where the immune system of Indians is powerful, malnutrition is also very high, so immune system will create antibodies to bacteria/ virus but it will be difficult to maintain antibodies continuously without removing malnutrition. In such a situation, extensive arrangements for malnutrition should be made.

People should learn to live with Corona and perhaps this will be in the national interest. He has spoken of combating the Corona crisis and eventually will have to do the same. It is a matter of understanding that when the enemy is standing in front of the house and daring you, how long will you be afraid and enter the house. One day you will have to face the enemy, however. If this is to be done then nationwide lockdown is not appropriate. The reality is that the nationwide lockdown has pushed the Corona crisis forward and controlled its transition pace. It is not possible to drive away the Corona because only those who are driven away can be seen. Cunning and exclusive enemies like the Corona can be intelligently defeated using natural and heard immunity. For this, the lockdown will have to be removed with proper strategy and the country will have to be re-energized with minimal damage.

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Looking at the rapid transformation of corona, everyone is realizing that the passive (plasma therapy) and active (vaccine) immune system will not be effective and in the current situation only natural and herd immunity will work.


Our country is different from other countries, so we have to thank differently form the protocols and rules mentioned by others. If we want to become world leaders in defeating corona, then we have to make our own rules because we will not be called leaders by following others. Admittedly, the current health system is very effective in controlling symptoms, but since immune system is not a symptom, the suggestions of xeropathy in this context should be considered with an open mind in the interest of the country. I know that thousands of suggestions have been made by the Honorable Prime Minister to remove/ defeat corona from all over the country, but xeropathy is a new health system developed in the country whose main job is to boost immunity and remove chronic diseases from the root. Xeropathy believes that our body is made up of food, so only food can repair it. That’s why xeropathy helps people by boosting their immune system through self-developed food supplements. Therefore, prioritizing the indigenous health system, Hon’ble Prime Minister should consider the suggestions of Xeropathy.

Xeropathy is a completely natural and safe system with no side effects.

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