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How to Boost Immune System

How to Boost Immune System

At this time and this condition of covid-19, Immunity play a very important role in present lifestyle. Corona (covid-19) is a virus they attack our immune system. Most of death occurs at this condition due to weak immune system of people. But, in this busy lifestyle most people does not maintain your immunity power i.e our immune system. Then here is a question arise, how to boost immune system.

For Human body Immune system work as fuel which is put in body therefore we eating fresh and good healthy food.

Strong immune system protected our body against bacteria, viruses and any type of disease. For protect our body from any harmful effect and for strong immune system need planning.

The best planning for how to boost immune system we use good healthy diet, eat good healthy food, exercise, good lifestyle and also good behavior play important role for boost our immune system.

Good Healthy Diet

Immune system like a armed forces which is marches in stomach and fight with the bacteria and viruses. Strong immune system needed good, healthy and regular nutrition.

For strong immune system we required some nutrition like zinc, copper, iron, folic acid and vitamins like A, B, B6, and vitamin E.

For boost immune system proteins play a very important role which help to build up immune cells in our body and fight with infections.

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Eat Best Food (Spices)

Boost Immune System we eat spices such as oregano, thyme, clove, cumin and cinnamon which have antimicrobial and antiviral properties which prevent food-spoiling and prevent to growth bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.

Eat good foods and fruit for boost the immune system

Immune system

Vitamin-C rich Food

Citrus fruits

  • Grape-Fruit

Grapefruit is the important for the boost immune system. The grape fruit is the largest of the citrus variety and contains a little more citric acid and less sugar than oranges.

It is low in carbohydrates and proteins but very rich in fruit acids and their salts, potassium, hydrogen and vitamins A and B. It is recognized as the most fashionable break-fast fruit.

Served at the beginning of meal or half an hour before it will stimulate the appetite and help to digest other food.

Grapefruit services as a stomach bitter and increases the flow of digestive juices. It is good for constipation, if take first thing in the morning and in cases of fever.

Sugar should not be added to grapefruit though that has been the general custom. There has been extensive canning of this fruit, which causes it to lose its most valuable element: Vitamin C.

  • Oranges

Orange are in the forefront of fruits conductive to health and energy its secret in aiding vigorous health lies in the fact that it contains protective food elements viz. Vitamin A, B, C and calcium.

The health-promoting properties of oranges are beneficial to the digestive organs, the kidneys, blood vessels, and nervous system provided of course the fruit has been allowed to mature fully on the tree and has not been subjected to artificial ethylene gas ripening.

They help digestion and strengthen the body’s alkaline reserve. A liberal use of orange juice promotes dental health and helps prevent gingivitis and “nutritional” pyorrhea.

  • Lemons

The lemon is a citrus fruit rich in citric acid and Vitamin C. The juice of one-half to a whole lemon in a cup of war water one wakes up acts as an excellent corrective. Besides, hot water and lemon juice removes dizzy feelings in the head, accompanied by specks and light dancing before the eyes consequent upon the liver being out of order.

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The lemon is a remedy for many ills which proceed from one root cause namely a vitiated condition of the blood and as an alkalinizer and a blood purifier it is a dissolvent of uric acid and effective in rheumatism, gout and arthritis.

The lemon should be an important part of the daily dietary in every home. It should be used in place of vinegar, in dressing for salads and the lemon peel may be used for seasoning and flavoring.

  • Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers is the main sources of Vitamin A, C and B6 which is prevent the eye disease and common cold. It is also important for skin disease, glowing skin. It prevent the inflammation in body.

Red bell pepper used in decreasing anxiety and also used in loss weight because it burns more calories. They maintain the cholesterol level and also used in the constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and in colon cancer.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli is the main source  of Vitamin A, C, K and E, it contain ore calcium, magnesium, fiber and protein. It is used in our diet to maintain good health and prevent disease.

They are used in eye disease, Heart health problems and also prevent against cancer.

It is called super food and also nutritional powerhouse because it contains low calories but more nutrition and antioxidant.

  • Ginger

It is the best food for the boost immune system. The main role of ginger control diabetes. In ginger found main active compound to improve insulin.

It is most important used in the female for relieving period pain, used of ginger in the tea to prevent the vomiting during the month.

It is used for upset stomach. It is also used to digestion and absorption of food in the intestines. It is also used in the morning sickness during the pregnancy.

It also prevent the heart disease and maintain cholesterol level and maintain the blood sugar level also prevent the risk of cancer when used it daily life. 

  • Garlic

Garlic is considered as one of the Nature’s true remedies having remarkable curative powers. Its medicinal properties depend on the volatile oil. Garlic, onions, leeks and olives are all members of the same family. They all contain a volatile principle called “sulphur compound” which is responsible for this strong aroma. In spite of its highly medicinal value many avoid using it as food because of its unpleasant odor.

In garlic Allicin is a compound which heave to ability to boost the immune system of our body. For take more benefit of garlic eat one-half garlic daily or eat by roast it.

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It has germicidal qualities and is a blood purifier. Its wonderful medicinal virtues lie in its effectiveness in stomach as vermifuge and intestinal disorders like diarrhea, infestation, flatulence; lung infections like tuberculosis 8and catarrhal condition of the repiratory tract. It is very effective in cases of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism and gout, disorders of the nervous system, skin blemishes.

Being germicidal and a blood-purifier it has a wonderful effect in changing the flora of the intestines.

Immune System

It contains Vitamin A, B and C with body-building minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iodine.

Health-giving garlic requires a “cultivated taste” and should be a part of the daily diet in seasoning, or in chatni or raw; the last is supposed to be very effective in rheumatism and gout.

Garlic juice is used for earache and for washing wounds and foul ulcers Garlic is rich in estrogenic hormones which is known to influence milk secretion, hence it is considered an effective galactagogue.

Garlic is sold in tablets or liquid form but, unfortunately, we do not get it frelly. There is a great field in India in manufacturing garlic tablets because garlic has a remarkable prophylactic and curative value especially in diseases of the respiratory and the intestinal tract, which are common in this country.

In garlic, there is an essence ofactive principle which is responsible for its medicinal action. By a process of distillation, purification, and rectification of garlic juice this essence is secured. It is a mixture of allyl oxide and this essence or spirit is what gives its value both as a food, and as a medicine.

  • Spinach

Spinach is considered the “broom of the stomach” as it is a great cleanser of the system. It is very good for the liver. There is a good for more iron than in any other succulent vegetable. It is considered, therefore, a great beautifier and useful in anaemia.

Its mineral salts together with the water and the fibre make spinach slightly laxative. Spinach is regarded as the most valuable of the leafy vegetables, because of its rich source of Vitamin A and as a contribution of Vitamin C in the diet. Over and above it is rich in sodium, calcium and iron and is an excellent blood purifier. It is also emollient and laxative.

The oxalic acid content of spinach is rather high, and so it should be used moderation. It is usually parboiled to reduce the acid contents but steaming for a few minutes is much to be preferred. Spinach has different varieties including “palak”, “methi” and “choliey”.

  • Almonds

The almond is said to be the “king of nuts”. As a food almond is highly nutritious as it is rich in nearly all the elements needed by the body but is low in chlorine, silicon and sodium.

Almonds are especially rich in phosphorus and that is why it is considered good for the brain and the nervous system. They contain little starch and are therefore invaluable in the diet of persons suffering from diabetes.

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The average protein content is 20 percent, the fat 50 to 55 percent, the carbohydrates include 6 percent sugar, 3 percent gum and 6 to 9 percent fibre and cellulose.

Almonds are used in various ways, crushed or powdered, sprinkled on salad dressing and also in making pastries etc. Almond butter is easily assimilated and is preferred to dairy butter by many vegetarians.

Bitter almonds should not be used as a food. They contain a substance called amygedalin one element of which is prussic acid. Almonds have an acid excess and should always to chewed well or ground finely because of the tannic acid content.

Almond milk is highly nutritious and easily digested. Balanced almonds ground into a paste with water added to the consistency of milk with sugar makes a delicious and nutritious drink.

When almonds are ground in an earthen-ware mortar with nemm paste it is called “Tgandai” which atheletes in India take after heavy exercise and wrestling as a cooling and a refreshing drink. The cake left after extracting oil can be made use of in several ways in making chapattis, biscuits and pastries. It is a good poor man’s food as it is highly nutritious for boost the immune system naturally.

  • Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seed oil is used for cooking and baking. It is highly recommended for heart patients. For high cholesterol, obesity, arteriosclerosis being fat free.

  • Turmeric

It is best for the boost immune system naturally. Turmeric used for the milk and tea and it is the antiseptic in nature and prevent the inflammation and it is the best antioxidant in nature. It is most beneficial in the depression.

Turmeric also prevent the heart disease and maintain the blood pressure and prevent the risk of cancer and it prevent the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

  • Papaya

The papaya is a delicious fruit with invaluable medicinal properties. It contains valuable digestive properties, which make it of great value in our diet, especially vegetable pepsin called papin.

The papaya is one of the most alkaline foods of its kind thus helping the body’s alkaline balance. It is a rich source of Vitamin A, well provided with Vitamin B, and Vitamin C and some Vitamin D.

Papaya is a highly potent and efficacious fruit. It is recommended in constipation, digestive disorders, biliousness and kidney stone. Papaya is not merely a luscious and delicious fruit it is one, which could be used in the restoration of good health. Raw papaya helps to soften certain foods, which take time to cook.

Immune System

  • Kiwi

  • Poultry

Poultry is a muscle meat. The protein, vitamin and mineral content are practically the same as in meat. As a matter of fact there is practically little difference in the wholesomeness of the different sorts of meats, fish, flesh and fowl.

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Even the amount of uric acid and other extractives found in white meats is a great as that found in red meats. So when on a purine free diet one should not be misled or misguided by taking white flesh in place of red meat. Both should be eliminated from the diet.


  • Oysters

These contain a large amount of carbohydrate otherwise they resemble in composition other forms of fish or meat. The contamination of oysters with disease producing bacteria is a real menace. Raw oysters, from a hygienic standpoint are certainly one of the most unclean and dangerous of foods. It has been stated that cooking does not remove to sterilize them. Typhoid fever epidemics and outbreak of other intestinal disorders have in many instances been traced to the use of oysters gathered from sewage-polluted waters.

  • Crab

Crabs are in season like lobsters. Soft shell crabs are popular. The chief dietetic value of the shell is in the iodine content.

Crabs as well as lobsters contain phosphorus and nitrates in greater proportion but are very hard to digest. They are good brain and nerve food. They also contain silicon or iron but rich in potassium, phosphorus and sodium chloride.

  • Lobster

These live in sea water and they are seldom diseased, but are difficult to digest.

Immune System

Good and healthy lifestyle:-

Exercise :- For boost the Immune system

Exercise is one of the best pillars for strong immune system. Regular exercise overcome most of the disease such as lower blood pressure, control body weight, Type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is best for good circulation in our body and strong immune system. Time spend for exercise at least 30 minutes to an hour daily.

Aerobic exercise such as Jogging, walking, running and cycling.

Sunshine also play most important key role for boost immune system by boosts vitamin D in the body.

Do Not Smoking and Do not take alcohol (Drinks):-

Smoking and drinking of alcohol is normal in present time of life. Smoking like cigarette and drinking like alcohol affect the immune system.

At the time of smoking cigarette released different type of chemicals like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and nicotine. They are all affect the immune system and affect the immune cells like T-cells and B cells present in our body which are protect our body by different types of infections.

Smoking spread different types of viral and bacterial infections like pneumonia, Tuberculosis and flu, they are lung infection and thy attacks the body joints called rheumatoid arthritis.

Drinking like alcohol consume high amount by our body affect the immune system of our body and give the negative effects of health.

Consume high level of alcohol drinks, slow the ability of body to fight with the infections, and they promote the different types of disease like pneumonia, respiratory disorder (lung infections), liver damage and cancer.


At present time and in busy lifestyle stress is the main source for destroy immune system of our body. But long time stress develop level of hormone in our body called cortisol. This hormone prevent the immune system when the stress is over. When cortisol level is very high then they block the immune system and protect our body from bacteria and virus.

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Stress promote the different problems like stomach upset, and heart disease they are all defect the immune system of our body.

Stress is caused by friends problems, co-workers problems and disturb in family relationships and by increase workload of daily work.

Overcome the stress

In this busy life overcome of stress people take good and healthy sleep and do meditation daily.

Take good and healthy Sleep

Good and healthy sleep is the good option for overcome the stress and fresh mood.

Sleep is a condition body is in rest position and at this time body release immune cells like cytokines and T cells which fight with the infections and boost the immune system.

 If we not get enough sleep, our immune system is weak and gain harmful effect and created the problem of insomnia.

The good time of sleep for all adults is at least seven to eight hour per night and off the all electronic gadget before one to going to bed.


Meditation is the best way to overcome the stress of body. All adults and any age of people do meditation half an hour daily.

Take the breathing meditation which help to maintain heart rate and normal the blood pressure and decrease the anxiety problems.

Age Factor

Age factor play the important role for boost the immune system and decrease the immune system. Most of the elder people like over year 65 have the lower immune system and they have more problems like influenza, COVID-19 virus and pneumonia which lead to death.

In elder people which have decrease the T cells and they not fight with the infections. Mostly elder people are die due to the COVI-19 because they have lower immune system.

Some of the people are protect by the vaccination for influenza (COVID-19). There is same situation for the children over age of 2 years.

Elder people have less diet and have less variety of diet. Then improve the diet and supplement for boost the immune system of the body.

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