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5 Health Benefits of Ashoka Tree

Health Benefits of Ashoka Tree Bark

Health Benefits Of Ashoka Tree: For women whose periods are irregular, Ashoka tree works like a medicine. Ashoka bark works from relieving period pain to anti-aging, know its benefits.

Health Benefits Of Ashoka Tree: Ashoka tree works like a panacea for many diseases. The bark, leaves, root or flowers of Ashoka tree are all used as medicine in Ayurveda. Most of this tree is used to cure various types of diseases of women, ranging from urinary problems to giving relief in period pain.

Health Benefits of Ashoka tree is useful in solving the problems of women.

5 Health Benefits of Ashoka Tree

Beneficial in periods

Due to hormonal changes in women, there is a problem of white discharge and irregular periods. For women who have excessive bleeding during periods or women whose periods are irregular, Ashoka tree works like a medicine.

For use, grind the bark of Ashoka and mix equal quantity of sugar candy with thread inside it. After that consume it thrice a day. Its decoction can be made and drunk twice a day.

Get rid of urinary problems

If a woman has any problem related to urine, then the use of Ashoka seeds can prove to be very beneficial in this. Grinding the seeds of Ashoka and consuming it gets rid of urine related problems. Urinary tract infection is a common disease in women, in which there is a burning sensation in the urine, along with fever. This can lead to kidney failure in women. If it is not treated on time, then the problem can get worse.

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Useful in pregnancy

Many women are at risk of recurrent miscarriage after conception. In this, the flowers of Ashoka act as herbs. To avoid any problem in pregnancy, it should be consumed daily by mixing curd in Ashoka flower. This makes it easier to conceive and also lowers the risk of miscarriage.

Ashoka bark works as anti-aging

Due to the changes in hormones in women, the problem of boils persists.  In such a situation, prepare a decoction by boiling the bark of Ashoka in water and consume it daily. Apart from this, mixing mustard oil in Ashoka bark and applying it on the boil-pimple area also cures this problem and improves the skin. It is also helpful in anti aging.

Reduced risk of kidney stones

Ashoka seeds are very useful in case of kidney stones. For this, mix Ashoka seeds in water and grind them well. Then consume this mixture thrice a day. This will reduce the problem of pain due to kidney stone and the stone will also reduce gradually.

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