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Excessive of thirsty problem in Children

Excessive thirsty problem in Children

Do children repeatedly feel thirsty problem, is there any indication of a problem? Know its reason and avoidance. Repeated thirst problem for children can be a sign of diabetes. Therefore, after recognizing their symptoms, contact the doctor immediately.

If your child is thirsty problem again and again, be careful. Yes, repeated thirst can point a child to a dangerous disease. Frequent thirst, increased appetite and frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes in children. Children are also more likely to lose their eyes due to complaints of diabetes. Due to abnormally high levels of sugar in children, they feel more thirsty problem.

So, they repeatedly demand things like juice, cold drinks and water. If your children are feeling excessively thirsty problem, contact a doctor immediately. So that diabetes can be treated on time. Other symptoms of diabetes can also be seen in children. Let’s know about it-

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Loss of appetite

Children suffering from diabetes are always complaining of hunger. No matter how much food is fed to them, there is a lack of energy in their body. Their body needs to eat to overcome the energy shortage. Because of this they feel much more hungry. No matter how much the child eats due to diabetes, but his weight does not increase. The amount of insulin in children suffering from diabetes decreases, due to which there is a constant energy deficit in their body. He is quite dull compared to other children. If you notice such symptoms in your children, contact a doctor immediately.

Frequent toilet may also be a sign of diabetes
Along with feeling hungry and thirsty problem, frequent bathroom visits can also be a major symptom of diabetes in children. Such symptoms have also been seen in large sugar patients. If you see this symptom in your child, then be cautious. They may have diabetes. These may be symptoms of early type-1 diabetes. Therefore, treat them in time.

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Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. Type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes is also known by many as Insipidus. Type-1 diabetes causes anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) deficiency in the body. Because of this, our body stops producing insulin.

At the same time, insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes is much less than required. In this situation our body is unable to recognize insulin and stops using it. Hence type-2 diabetes is also called insulin immunity.

diabetes in children

How to protect children from diabetes

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Keep away from junk foods.
  • Keep away from stress.
  • Do not play too much on mobile.
  • Ask to play outdoor games.
  • Reduce the intake of sugar.
  • Reduce consumption of white bread, sweets, pastries, soda and other refinery items.

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