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Constipation in children :- Symptoms and causes, problems in young children

Constipation in Children :- Symptoms and causes, problems in young children

Constipation in children :- Symptoms and causes, problems in young children? Learn home remedies for constipation in children.

Nowadays, the problem of constipation has become very common even in young children. But it can be relieved with the help of some home remedies.

If your young child has abdominal pain, difficulty in bowel movements or does not feel hungry, he may be troubled by constipation in children.

Because all these symptoms appear when constipation occurs. On this, you must be thinking that the problem of constipation occurs only to the big people?

But your thinking is absolutely wrong because nowadays children, old and young people are troubled by the problem of constipation

Nowadays every other person suffers from this problem. Sufferers have to face a lot of problems while being constipated.

He cannot eat properly, cannot pass a bowel movement properly, due to which he becomes upset and remains depressed.

Children get very upset due to constipation in children, they neither eat nor play.

But with the help of some home remedies, the problem of constipation in children can be cured to a great extent.

If your child also has constipation problem, then carefully learn some home remedies to cure constipation.

Causes of constipation in children

Children often drink mother’s milk but still complain of constipation in children because sometimes you feed them homemade food or outside food that they cannot digest.

There can be many reasons behind constipation in young children, such as:-

  • Feeding dry food to children
  • Change in routine
  • Feeding more dairy products
  • Feeding water
  • Fall asleep soon after having food
  • Not feeding the child on time

If the child is taking any medicine, he may also have constipation problem.

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Symptoms of constipation in children

Many symptoms are seen in constipation in children. During this time they complain a lot of stomach ache.

They also have a lot of difficulty in bowel movements. Following are the symptoms that appear in children during constipation.

  • Daily bowel movement
  • Stress during bowel movements
  • Stomach gas, acidity and pain
  • Stomach heaviness and loss of appetite
  • Take more time to pass a bowel movement
  • Occasionally aching head and feet
liquid diet for constipation in children

Home Remedies for Constipation in Kids

If these symptoms are seen in the child, then he may have constipation problem.

For this, you can also adopt some home remedies.

This will relieve your child from this problem to a great extent.

Give liquid foods

liquid diet

Dry food should be stopped completely in the case of constipation in young children.

The digestive system of young children is weak, due to which they are unable to digest all types of food.

Therefore, children should always be given fluids to eat. They digest it well. This cleans the bowels and does not harden the stool.

Therefore, in case of constipation problem, give your child sufficient amount of fluids. In this, feed them water, fruit juice and feed them oatmeal.

This will not make his stool hard, as well as there will be no shortage of water in your child’s body.

banana in constipation in children

Banana and hot water

Bananas are considered to be good enough to relieve constipation.

If the child is fed a banana with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning, then the stomach of the children gets cleaned easily.

constipation can be relieved by taking it daily for a few days. You can have it taken for the child as well so that he does not have constipation.

Fiber Rich Food

Children or older, if you include fiber rich food in your diet, then you can avoid the problem of constipation.

Fiber is very important for cleaning the intestines. Fiber is beneficial for all types of problems associated with the stomach.

You should include fiber in your diet when a child is constipated. For this, let them eat fruits and vegetables.

Also, eat pulses. In fruits, you can give apples, pears and bananas to the child. Apart from this, juice of guava and papaya can also be given to drink.

Beans, spinach and broccoli are also rich in fiber.

honey constipation in children

Honey is also good for constipation in children

Honey has been reported to be very effective for constipation problems.

Many such properties are found in it, which help in clearing the stomach.

For this, feed the baby in the morning on an empty stomach by mixing two spoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water.

Children also eat honey very fondly. This eliminates constipation problem.

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These home remedies can also cure constipation problem (Other Home Remedies for Relief in Constipation)

  • Squeeze lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it.
  • Mix liquorice and ginger paste with honey and feed the child.
  • At night, feed the baby Triphala powder with warm water.
  • constipation problem is also cured by boiling figs in a glass of milk.

If your young child is also suffering from constipation, then take special care of his food. Include fluids and fiber in his diet. 

If constipation problem persists for a long time, please consult your doctor.

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