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Benefits of Cucumber For Children

Benefits Of Cucumber For Children

How beneficial is it to feed cucumber for children? Learn the right way to feed

Cucumber or Kakri is considered very beneficial for children’s health. Cucumber contains many vitamins and other nutrients, know the right way to feed it.

Different types of food items have to be included in the diet plan to keep the daily daily diet of children balanced and nutritious. Every food item has its different health benefits. One of the items used for eating in daily life is cucumber. There is also a saying about “Kheer whose name is Kheera, Kama is his diamond”.

Eating cucumber for children has many benefits, from the point of view of children’s health, the consumption of cucumber for children is also considered very beneficial for children. Cucumber or Kakri is commonly used in every Indian household, it is included in many types of food. Kakri or cucumber are very good for children’s health, cucumber has vitamin, antioxidant properties and is also considered very healthy for the stomach.

About Cucumber or Kakri

Cucumbers are known botanically as Cucumis sativus and are members of the Cucurbitaceae family. Cucumber for children contains abundant water and small amount of calories. Cholesterol and sodium are also found in small amounts in cucumber and have been considered extremely beneficial for the health of children or infants. Because cucumber is considered a mine of vitamins and antioxidant properties, in this sense it also frees infants from many types of disorders.

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Nutrients found in cucumbers

Cucumber for children have many nutritional properties. Cucumbers are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants as well as many other properties. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E etc. and potassium. Consumption of cucumber for children and Kakri benefits the vitamins, thiamine, niacin and antioxidants present in the body. Toxic elements are also eliminated from the body by consuming cucumber. Let us tell you why the consumption of cucumbers for children is beneficial  and what qualities are found in it.

cucumber for children

Vitamins in Cucumber & Kakri

Vitamin C :- Cucumbers are rich in vitamin C, which also helps in increasing the disease resistance capacity of the body.

Vitamin E :- Vitamin E present in cucumbers is also considered good for our brain, it also balances platelets in the body.

Vitamin A :- Vitamin A is considered beneficial for our eyes and skin, it is available in plenty in cucumbers.

Vitamin B6 :- It maintains the balance of metabolism and hemoglobin.

Vitamin K :- is beneficial for bones.

Niacin Vitamin B3 :- Niacin is also a good source of vitamin B3 in cucumbers, it is beneficial in balancing cholesterol levels and cardiovascular problems.

About 90 percent water is found in cucumbers which helps in removing toxic elements present in the body.

Benefits of feeding cucumber to children

Consuming cucumber for children has many benefits to their body. The abundant amount of vitamins and antioxidant properties in cucumber are very beneficial for the health of children. Consumption of cucumber for children increases the body’s resistance as well as there is no lack of water in the body. The vitamins present in cucumbers benefit our stomach, skin, and eyesight.

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For adults, cucumber is also beneficial in reducing weight. The vitamins A, C and K, and some other minerals present in cucumber are extremely beneficial in terms of health. It is also able to reduce the risk of diseases like cancer. The lignans R polyphenols present in cucumbers have anti-cancer properties which keep them away from the prostate and many other types of hazards. Cucumbers are very beneficial for children, some of the major benefits of consuming cucumbers are as follows.

1. Prevents water scarcity

More than 90 percent water is found in cucumber and cucumber. The abundant amount of water present in cucumbers rehydrates the body and does not allow the body to lack water.

2. Good source of vitamins

Cucumber for children and Kakri are abundant in vitamins. These include vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin K, niacin, thiamine and folate. From the immune system of the body to the eyes, it proves to be extremely beneficial. That is why cucumber is considered very beneficial for children’s body.

3. Beneficial for stomach

Cucumber for children and kakri are also beneficial for the stomach. Cucumber also works in stomach acidity as well as in problems like ulcers. Cucumber juice is also used in discomforts like acidity and gastric ulcers. For children, cucumber is very beneficial in stomach pain and gas problems.

4. Antioxidant Properties

The antioxidant properties present in cucumbers are extremely beneficial for the body. In addition to vitamin C in cucumber, there are antioxidants like beta carotene which do not allow any harmful elements to flourish in the body.

5. Beneficial for skin

Cucumber is considered very beneficial for the skin. Along with the consumption of cucumber, it is also used as a natural medicine.

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6. Useful for kidney health

Drinking cucumber juice reduces the risk of kidney or bladder infection. Consuming it regularly also benefits in diseases like kidney stones. Cucumber juice is also beneficial in bladder infection. Drinking its juice is beneficial even when uric acid increases in the body, its juice also benefits in inflammation.

Things to keep in mind before feeding cucumber or kakri for children.

  • When buying cucumber, keep in mind that it should be clean, immaculate and safe. Consuming dried and cracked cucumbers can also be harmful.
  • Bitter pears should not be used, because of bitterness, cucumber is not edible for children.
  • Before feeding the cucumber to the children, it should be peeled after washing it thoroughly. The digestive capacity of children is not as much as that of adults, so peeling and feeding cucumber is beneficial for children.
  • It is considered better to feed the children after boiling or steaming the cucumber, there is no risk of bacteria in the cucumber after boiling.
  • If the children have any kind of allergy related problem, then contact the doctor before consuming it. If possible, while buying cucumber from the market, buy organic cucumber only.

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