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Lemon Water :- 6 Side Effects of Drinking Lemon Water

Side Effects Of Lemon Water

Consuming lemon Water gives benefits, but due to its excessive intake, many types of damage also occur to the body, which can have serious consequences.

You must have heard about the many benefits of drinking lemon water by now.  For this reason, many people also consume it several times a day.  Someone starts the morning with lemonwater, then someone takes lemonwater to keep the digestion right.  But do you know that the consumption of lemon water does not only bring benefits, but there can be many losses to the body due to its consumption?  If you are not yet aware of this, then come here we tell you about the harm caused by excessive intake of lemonwater.

Lemon Water

6 Side Effects of Drinking Lemon Water


May worsen teeth

Excessive intake of lemon Water can spoil your teeth.  Lemon contains citric acid which helps to spoil the enamel of the teeth. Also, there can be a problem of applying cold and hot water to the teeth.

May have stomach problems

Consuming a lot of lemon Water can cause stomach problems.  Due to this, there is a possibility of stomach pain, loose motion and peptic ulcer. Lemon contains a lot of oxalate which can go into the body and take the form of crystals.There is also a possibility of it being a stone.

Increases the problem of urination due to lemonwater

Lemon Water is diuretic, which increases the problem of urination. That is, overeating lemonade creates the condition of frequent urination, due to which you may get dehydration.

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May cause chest irritation

Excessive intake of lemon Water increases the problem of heartburn. Lemon helps in activating the protein-breaking enzyme pepsin, which creates a burning sensation in the chest.

May increase mouth ulcer problem

Lemonwater should not be taken in the event of mouth blisters, it helps to increase mouth ulcers even more. Not only this, by drinking too much lemonade, there is also a risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease, with new blisters coming out. This is the condition in which the acid produced in the stomach reaches the esophagus.

May increase migraine problem

People who have a migraine problem, their problem can be greatly increased due to excessive intake of lemonwater. The tyramine element present in lemon helps to increase the problem of migraine.

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