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05 Ayurvedic Herbs for Eyesight

Ayurvedic Herbs to Improve Eyesight

Ayurvedic Herbs For Eyes. Today we are telling you about some such wonderful Ayurvedic Herbs (medicines), with the help of which you will not only be able to keep your eyes healthy but can also protect them from many serious diseases.

Today Lifestyle of many peoples

We now live in a world where our mornings end with checking WhatsApp messages and end the day with spending a few hours on social media. In the time between after waking up and before going to sleep, we work hard. In which 10-12 hours are spent on laptop work, one or two hours on social media and three-four hours in watching TV.

That is, overall our screen time has increased to a great extent throughout the day. In such a situation, the comfort that our eyes want is not available. This is the reason why people are increasingly wearing glasses. This not only weakens the eyes but can also cause serious damage to them in the long run.

You must have heard a lot about the right diet, exercise and relaxation techniques for the eyes. Today we are telling you about some such ayurvedic herbs (medicines), with the help of which you can keep your eyes healthy and protect them from many serious diseases.

Let us know about 5 such medicines present in Ayurveda that know well to take care of your eyes.

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Know about these 05 Ayurvedic herbs (medicines)


Ginkgo Biloba

This is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs (remedies) for improving eyesight. It not only improves vision, but also protects you from glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Ginkgo Biloba Ayurvedic herbs

Some research also suggests that it may be helpful for people with retinopathy. However, children and diabetic patients should not use it at all.

Wild Asparagus

If you want your eyesight to be brighter, then definitely include wild asparagus in your diet. There is nothing better than this to sharpen the eyes. It also brings glow to your eyes.

wild asparagus ayurvedic herbs

Mix wild asparagus with honey and eat it daily with lukewarm milk. Do this regularly for a few months and see the difference yourself.

Eye Bright

This herb has been used since ancient times to improve eyesight. Even so, most products or foods that are good for your eyes contain eyebright as a primary ingredient.

Eye bright ayurvedic herbs

According to a study conducted in South Africa, eyebright drops can help in faster recovery from conjunctivitis.


This drug is said to contain powerful antioxidant flavonoids called anthocyanins, similar to blueberries and cranberries.

bilberry ayurvedic herbs

It is even believed that during World War II, Royal Air Force pilots consumed bilberry jam which helped improve their night vision.


coleus ayurvedic herbs

This herb is said to reduce the production of fluid in the eye, thereby reducing the pressure from potential glaucoma.

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